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Welcome to Fønix Musik - music for peaceful moments. Here you will find more than 270 different CD-titles with music for relaxation, meditation, inner peace and wellbeing. Music for the most important moments in your life, and music for the small quiet moments in your daily life. The music can be put to perfect use in many professions: at the hospital, at the dentist's clinic, as background for reflexology, massage, healing, etc. - accelerated learning, mental training and sport - and last but not least to create the perfect atmosphere in your home and in the office.

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Imagine a large, light summer cottage by the Pacific Ocean with a view of dunes and the pulsing sound of waves in the distance. The Sun is setting and peace descends. Light and elegant tunes emanate from the large, black grand piano in the middle of the room. The tones are soft, soothing with room for meditation. They are dreamy and full of clarity and melodic beauty. This is a lovely invitation to turn your attention inward and be at peace with yourself.

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