Jes R. Petersen

Music and nature have always filled me with great joy and well being. At an early stage I could feel how music became pure magic and could change my mood to such a degree, was a huge discovery.
I decided that I would try to replicate music inspired by nature, my motivation was to give the listener peace and well being. When I walk around in nature, I generally hear music. It used to be a problem to get home as soon as possible to record, but now with modern technology which is small and handy it is possible for me to record while I am sitting in the forest or on the beach.
Just like a painter sketches his paintings, and then returns back to his studio to paint his picture. As result of this work, are my tow CD 'Ocean Dreams' and 'Natural Harmonies'. I hope these two CDs will provoke a sense of peace and harmony to the listener.

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Did you know...

that the sense of hearing is already developing, hwile a foetus is till in its mother's womb? Soothing music may be contributing to create comforting safety both prior to and after the birth, when the child remembers and recognizes the soothing tones.

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