Jes R. Petersen

Music and nature have always filled me with great joy and well being. At an early stage I could feel how music became pure magic and could change my mood to such a degree, was a huge discovery.
I decided that I would try to replicate music inspired by nature, my motivation was to give the listener peace and well being. When I walk around in nature, I generally hear music. It used to be a problem to get home as soon as possible to record, but now with modern technology which is small and handy it is possible for me to record while I am sitting in the forest or on the beach.
Just like a painter sketches his paintings, and then returns back to his studio to paint his picture. As result of this work, are my tow CD 'Ocean Dreams' and 'Natural Harmonies'. I hope these two CDs will provoke a sense of peace and harmony to the listener.

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Have you thought about...

that relaxation is a very natural condition. Babies don't feel muscular tensions. When adults once again are going to learn to relax, it's more about how to remember a wellknown, natural condidtion, then about learning something new.

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