Steen Raahauge :


Invite the drums into your living room for an almost live experience.
If you play the music loudly, then let the rhythms join spirit and body in presence and grounding - it's possible to join your own and the earth's multiplicity in vitamin-infusing and vital rhythms while dancing the soil. If you play at a more normal sound level, you may let your thoughts linger and glide on the flow of the rhythms, If you are wearing earphones, you may enter completely into the music and be seduced into a union of detail and whole of inciting pulses in enigmatic dreams. If you were to fall asleep at this point, it doesn't matter. I am quite fond of the story of the young verger in the monastery who in despair asks his bishop what to do when the young priests fall asleep during the bishop's sermon. The Bishop answers: Give them a blanket so that they may stay warm. - Steen Raahauge

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Ordering No: 1202


1. Ambiguous Shores 9:19
2. Crevice Cateretê 5:53
3. Blue Desert Ships 3:37
4. Drumming the Earth 7:43
5. Cinnamon Talk 6:55
6. Cactus Dance 9:11
7. Compound Greetings 3:22
8. Amber Tale 8:04
Total time: 54:08

Drums, cymbal roll, toms, timbalitos, sogo, small surdo, darbouka, clave, conga, bohdran, talking drum, caxixi, shakers, cabassa, triangle, etc. etc.

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Did you know that...

Stig Møller was first to create two different music styles? He was a member of 'Steppeulvene', who recorded the first of Danmark's rock-CD 'HIP', and he recorded together with Peter Bastian 'Forest Walk', which was the first danish meditation-CD.

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