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A goog day starts off with a good morning. Here is the music, which helps you get up on the right side of the bed: Beautiful, harmonious music inspired by nature. Imagine waking up every morning in a house by the ocean. The soothing sound of the waves and their eternal pulse in the background are reminiscent of things eternal in your existence. The night's gossamer of dreams retreats with a couple of deep breaths, and time has come to tackle the day's new challenges.

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1. Healing Waters 6:06
2. Breath of the Wind 5:48
3. Quiet Beauty 3:45
4. Beyond the Clouds 6:01
5. Romantic Dreams 5:45
6. Deep Blue Dancing 6:25
7. Peaceful Morning 4:05
8. Cool Water 6:44
9. Morning Dew 5:12
10. Deep Water 6:13
Total time: 56:09

Recomended for:

Keyboards & ocean waves.

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Jan Skovgaard Petersen : PEACEFUL MORNING is among the 40 best sold Fønix titles.


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Did you know that...

Stig Møller was first to create two different music styles? He was a member of 'Steppeulvene', who recorded the first of Danmark's rock-CD 'HIP', and he recorded together with Peter Bastian 'Forest Walk', which was the first danish meditation-CD.

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