Being Denmark's first new age album, 'Lydglimt' has become an inspirational model for many musicians and others who learned to appreciate poetic and evocative instrumental music. A melodic album capturing summer images of Danish forests and beaches. Composed during the 1970's and recorded on keyboards and acoustic string instruments in 1979, this album received a warm reception and expressed a new level of creativity in music culture of those days.

EAN: 5709027210830.

Ordering No: 1083


1. Sunrise 3:12
2. Light Beams 5:23
3. Fragments of Wood 5:22
4. The Stream 4:59
5. The Thundercloud 2:39
6. Evening Rain 2:43
7. Calm of the Ocean 4:25
8. Ocean Waves 1:54
9. Shifting Sand 2:23
10. Dune Mist 3:40
11. the Seagul 4:48
12. Sunset 3:23
13. Night Shadows 3:41
Total time: 48:32


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Did you know that...

Stig Møller was first to create two different music styles? He was a member of 'Steppeulvene', who recorded the first of Danmark's rock-CD 'HIP', and he recorded together with Peter Bastian 'Forest Walk', which was the first danish meditation-CD.

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