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Some of the most beautiful Celtic mudic we ever heard. Every single tune is full os beauty and longing, which touches the heart. On the CD 'Homelands' Carsten Rosenlund continues and develops the musical line from the best seller 'She moved through the Fair', and as a novelty this album contains four selections with voice.
The music includes themes of homecoming or of being far away from home. It may refer to places, love, stories, persons, lullabies etc.

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1. Will Ye Go Lassie 5:30
2. The Song of wandering Angus 5:28
3. Hame, Hame, Hame 5:17
4. Sally Garden 5:18
5. John of Dreams 4:13
6. Carronside 4:07
7. Lullaby 5:47
8. The Yellow Boreen/The Cliffs of Donnen 5:49
9. Love lost/ My Lagan Love 6:46
10. The Hills of Svanninge 5:40
11. Caitlin Traill/Planxty Irwin 8:31
12. Come to the Hills 4:41
Total time: 67:37

Irish whistles, low whistles, guitar, small pipes, violin, accordion, keyboards.

Top 50:
Carsten Rosenlund : HOMELANDS is among the 50 best sold Fønix titles.


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