Music for busy lifestyles

How to regain energy and peace of mind

The music on this page can help you to recharge and restore your balance during hectic times. When you are busy, it can be difficult to wind down again. If you do not relax occasionally, you are more easily stressed and suffer from all the well-known symptoms: insomnia, loss of perspective, unhealthy eating habits, etc. Short music breaks can bring back your perspective and enhance your decision-making ability. You might find it is fun to be busy - and you may find that you actually achieve MORE when you give yourself 10 minutes to relax once in awhile.


Petersson & Deibjerg: PEACE OF MIND

Quiet melodies played on different acoustic instruments and keyboards leading you to that most precious of state of being: Peace of Mind.

Ordering No: 1149 - Price: EUR 18.50

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Debut album of the Danish trio Eventyr, who has devloped its own style of sensitive music that blends gentle tones with soft rhythms. The music invites you to a journey into your own fantasy world, and also provides a harmonious backdrop for other activities.

Ordering No: 1099 - Price: EUR 18.50

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Joyful & uplifting - the spirit of spring turned into music, contains depictions of overwhelming feelings, beauty and joy.

Ordering No: 1006 - Price: EUR 18.50

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Did you know...

that Bindu's album 'The Healing Circle' was composed during a period, when he suffered from a palsy of his arm, which prevented him from playing his guitar? The music miraculously helped him during the self-healing process, so his arm healed, and it became possible to record the album.

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