Music for your car

Be alert and calm behind the wheel

It is dangerous to be stressed - and it is twice as dangerous to be stressed while driving. Research shows that drivers who are listening to relaxing music are almost never the cause for accidents on the road.


Hansen Steen: AT EASE

Enjoy the joyous easy going melodies played with a relaxed playfulness bringing lightness to your heart. Perfect music for a lazy Sunday brunch or the quiet hour in the evening when you are relaxing and unwinding.
Wellknown jazz melodies played by a true guitar virtuoso. Steen Hansen is among the finest of Danish guitar players!

Ordering No: 1289 - Price: EUR 18.50

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Koitzsch/Baumgartner: FIRE MOON

A perfect blend of beautiful melodies and soft rhythms, creating a stress-free zone where you can relax and recharge after a long day.

Ordering No: 1182 - Price: EUR 18.50

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Rasmussen Johannes: CITY LIGHTS

Joyful melodies played on grand piano with bass and drums in the background.
The melodies on this CD are from the first half of last century. They carry in them the atmosphere of a time when things were not quite as hectic as in our present day reality.
And Johannes Rasmussen is a master musician on his instrument. The perfect music for happy moments...

Ordering No: 1216 - Price: EUR 18.50

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Schønning Klaus: MAGIC CAFE

'Stray throughts and associations on an odd day in an odd café transformed and captures in sound'. Most people appreciate the experience of letting thoughts flow freely, and Klaus Schønning's 10th album from 1993 is an expression of exactly that state of being. 'Magic Café' is an album full of variety with beautiful arrangements of each single melody. The music is dynamic and rich in tonal colour, and Klaus Schønning moved with great versatility through ethnic, classical, rock, new age, and folk elements in his own unique style.

Ordering No: 1082 - Price: EUR 18.50

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Did you know...

that Torsten Borbye Nielsen's album 'In the Master's light', among other things, was inspired by tunes from early Christian church music?

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