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Romantic music creating a nice atmosphere

As beautiful things are to the eyes, evocative music is to the ears. Fine restaurants play subdued music for their guests during the meal, and music creates the atmosphere in romantic scenes in the movies. Now you can choose your own background music for the special moments in your life. For example, when a good friend visits you, or when you enjoy yourself in the evening alone with a good book in your favorite easy-chair. The music on this page is also the perfect gift for someone you love. A gift of music with a bouquet of flowers will create good memories long after the last flower has faded.


Borregaard Kristian: CONFLUENCE

Beautiful melodies radiating joy and warmth of the heart.

Ordering No: 1039 - Price: EUR 18.50

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Hjert Johan: LUMEN

Johan Hjert is one of the most popular musician in Sweden. This album contains pan pipe music inspired by the beauty of nature.

Ordering No: 1146 - Price: EUR 18.50

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Hyldgaard Søren: SOUND TRACKS

Beautifully arranged music . Radiating joy and warmth to the listener.

Ordering No: 1109 - Price: EUR 18.50

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- is wellknown for his instrumental guitar albums. But did you know that he has also recorded an album with songs containing lyrics about spirituality, friendship, and other inspiring subjects?

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