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Inspiration to create the best working environment

Relaxing music and music that gives you energy can help you to concentrate and give you a good working atmosphere in your office. The music can also help to soften the sounds of, for example a computer. A tip from Chinese Feng Shui (and from The Wild West!) - do not sit with your back against the door! You should sit where you can quickly see who is coming through the door.


Menzer & Trier: SKYWALKS

Beautiful and refreshing melodic music. Performed on acoustic guitar and flutes.

Ordering No: 1012

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Hyldgaard Søren: FLYING DREAMS

Beautiful melodies that touch your heart and uplift your spirit. Søren Hyldgaard's debut album and a Fønix Musik bestseller with more than 100.000 albums sold so far.

Ordering No: 1031

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Sambodhi Prem: NATURE SPACE

Mirroring the flow of nature into sound, Sambodhi Prem combines guitars, violin, piano and gentle rhythms with the echoing call of bellbirds. Like an landscape unfolding, this majestic music transports you to the forest-covered mountains of New Zealand's unspoiled natural beauty.

Ordering No: 1179

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Hasven Olof: PARADISO

Music with a positive, healing and inspiring strength. Some of the selections are totally instrumetal - others include elements of choir-song.
'Occasionally I hear tunes while I dream or meditate, I can hear them almost as distinctly as in real life. I believe that the melodies derive from a higher plane, so I try to write them down before I forget them.
On 'Paradiso' almost all the tunes were conceived in this manner.' - Olof Hasvén

Ordering No: 1249

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Bindu has just had a 'greatest hits' album released in Singapore.

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