Music for Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Yoga

Creating the right atmosphere for meditative exercise


Bastian & Møller: FOREST WALK

Peter Bastian & Stig Møller almost Zen-like relaxing album from 1979. Very suitable for deep relaxation. This is a bestseller!

Ordering No: 1027

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Koitzsch & Frandsen: DEEP BLUE

Delicate instrumental music that gently creates a serene and positige sense of wellbeing. This is deeply peaceluf music, restful and harmonious, reflecting back to us the beauty of nature.

Ordering No: 1108

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Olafsson Torsten: STANDING WAVES

Deep meditative clarity and great beauty. A deep and rich experience is waiting for everyone who choose 'Standing Waves'.

Ordering No: 1183

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Did you know that...

Ageha found the inspiration to her overtone cd 'Sacred Healing Music' after a scooter-accident in India when she, on her own battered and chocked body discovered the magic healing potential of overtones.

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