Music for Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Yoga

Creating the right atmosphere for meditative exercise


Bastian & Møller: FOREST WALK

Peter Bastian & Stig Møller almost Zen-like relaxing album from 1979. Very suitable for deep relaxation. This is a bestseller!

Ordering No: 1027

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Koitzsch & Frandsen: DEEP BLUE

Delicate instrumental music that gently creates a serene and positige sense of wellbeing. This is deeply peaceluf music, restful and harmonious, reflecting back to us the beauty of nature.

Ordering No: 1108

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Olafsson Torsten: STANDING WAVES

Deep meditative clarity and great beauty. A deep and rich experience is waiting for everyone who choose 'Standing Waves'.

Ordering No: 1183

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Did you know...

that the sense of hearing is already developing, hwile a foetus is till in its mother's womb? Soothing music may be contributing to create comforting safety both prior to and after the birth, when the child remembers and recognizes the soothing tones.

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