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Plants making music and Vedic sounds. The celestial music of plants transports our mind, heart and soul to some otherwordly sublime region filled with light, harmony and bliss.

Using a technology based on a biofeedback system you may listen to the sounds and music of different medical plants. At first you hear the sounds of the plant alone. Then Charlotte Bech sings a set of Vedic sounds, and at the end Charlotte Bech sings together with the plants. Research has revealed that the slow, ancient classical recitations get plants to grow taller, broader, faster, set more and bigger flowers, get fruits to ripen faster and get more seeds to germinate.

'Today my guest in the studio is Charlotte Bech. Dr. Bech will bring her own rosemary plant and sing along with it. I guarantee the sound will be magical and wonderful!'
-Celine Hastrup (February 27, 2016) radio host on the Danish natinal channel on classical music (DR P2).

Charlotte Bech has gradiated from medical school in Copenhagen, and has worked as a surgeon at Gentofte Hospital and as a medical doctor in the area of hematology at the most renowned hospital in Denmark (Rigshospitalet). Since 2001, Charlotte Bech has offered medical advice in her private consultation office in the town of Gentofte, Denmark, where she supplement the official programs of modern medicine with natural treatments. In addition she has been teaching other doctors since 2014. She writes as a columnist for several national magazines, is an author of numerous books on health, and serves as Vice Presicent of the European Ayurveda Medical Association (EURAMA).

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Ordering No: 1430


1. Tanpura - Dhanvantarim stotram (Atharva Veda) 1:01
2. Lavender 9:27
3. Echinacea 8:21
4. Rose Geranium 8:51
5. Garden Angelica 9:46
6. Pine 8:46
7. Jasmine 8:49
8. Silence 0:05
9. Tanpura - Kayendriya (Yoga Sutras) 12:28
Total time: 67:56



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