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How to arrive refreshed and relaxed...

Many airlines - for example SAS and Singapore Airlines - offer their passengers the opportunity to listen to relaxing music during long-haul flights. It has many benefits; you would get less jet-lag, you would be less afraid of flying and you would feel less tired. Even if you travel by bus or train, this music can help you relax and get more energy.



The sweet melodies take you to a land of joy and effortlessness. You will enjoy the sensitive guitar notes, surrounded by soft keyboards, bringing a lightness to your heart.

Ordering No: 1095

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Alsing Lars: SPIRIT

Soft, instrumental music with a soft, flowing rhythm. A magic atmosphere of Arabic Nights and peaceful modern life.

Ordering No: 1065

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J:son Lindh/Carlsson: INNER BEAUTY

Flute and guitar music with a poetic touch. Close your eyes and listen to this instrumental music and feel the magical & inspiring atmosphere of vast nature areas in Sweden.

Ordering No: 1177

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Did you know...

that the sense of hearing is already developing, hwile a foetus is till in its mother's womb? Soothing music may be contributing to create comforting safety both prior to and after the birth, when the child remembers and recognizes the soothing tones.

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